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Rollei 6008
Since the end of year 2000 I'm a very happy owner of a camera of the Rollei-System 6000 - a Rollei SLX.
It is the first camera body in the system 6000 and the only one, which doesn't have a name like 600X. Anyway, it is compatibel to the system 6000.

In the following I will describe the system 6000 and after that I say more about the specific bodies:

  1. System 6000
  2. Rollei SLX
  3. Rollei 6002
  4. Rollei 6006
  5. Rollei 6008
  6. Rollei 6003
  7. Rollei 6001
  8. Lenses

System 6000:

In general:

The system 6000 ist a medium format system for 6x6 and has been designed at the end of the seventies. It is full electronical, that means: "Without power, nothing will happen."
For people, who know other medium format systems (i.e. Hasselblad) this may seem very unusual, but in comparison to current 35mm SLRs this isn't unusual at all.
In my opinion, this system has been very futuristic, when it came to the market.
It is well designed in every detail:

It is still the only medium format system (AFAIK), which has a build-in TTL-light metering, that works with a waist level finder - WITHOUT a prism finder!
For me, to work with a waist level finder is one of the biggest advantages of a medium format camera. So, this unique metering system is a very big benefit for me.

The filmholder is symmetrical, so that you just take it out, take the film out, turn it 180, put in a new film and put it back into the camera. You don't have to change the empty roll to the other side like at a Hasselblad.
The bodies with changeable backs doesn't have a darkslide for closing the back against light. There is a "laminar rollo", something like a curtain that you can open or close. There is no need to find a place for the darkslide, when it's out of the back. So, you cannot loose it.

The bayonet doesn't need any mechanical parts, similar to the EOS bayonet, which has been invented 10 years later.

The rechargeable battery has a build-in spare fuse and you don't have to search one, if you need it.

All lenses in system 6000 have 1/3 stops.

All cameras have a motor for the filmtransport with 1.5-2.5 fps (depending on the body), for moving the mirror and for the leaf shutter.
Every body has a stop-down button and AE-lock.


System 6000 - the two product lines:

You can divide the system 6000 in two parts, which are compatibel with each other:

There are the models SLX, 6002 and 6006 with the "old" lenses, that means the lenses without "PQ" or "PQS" and the models 6001, 6003 and 6008 with the newer PQ- and PQS-lenses.

You can either use old lenses on new bodies, or new lenses on old bodies. Of course you can only use the functions of the old line.
There is only one exception: You may not use PQS-lenses at the older bodies, because they draw more amps and that will likely damage the old bodies!

Also the accessories like extension rings, bellows and teleconverter can be used with all parts of the system 6000.



The SLX was the first camera in the system 6000. Built from 1976 through 1984, rechargeable battery-block with 8 NC-cells, motordrive (1.5 fps), no changeable backs. Change of a filmroll takes about 10-15 s.

All lenses have a leaf shutter with linear drive. The shutter speed is from 1/500s to 30s and B. Stoppeddown metered time priority AE is possible from EV3 (@2.8/80mm). The SLX has a linear drive for stopping down and a multi-purpose button for metering/AE-lock/stopping down. In the finder are 3 LEDs for: overexposure, underexposure, battery warning. The aperture is visible on the lens itself.
You can switch the back from 120 to 220 film. The back is changeable to 6x4.5 or polaroid, but not darkslided.
The SLX has two shutter releases and mirror lock-up only with external release.

The price for a used SLX is between 600,- and 800,- EUR for the body, 6x6 back, Planar 2.8/80mm, battery block and charger.

I highly recommend the newer version of the SLX, which has non-removable shutter releases without a chrome ring. The older SLX has often problems with the electronics.



The 6002 has been built from 1986-1991 and is very similar to the SLX.
It has a build-in TTL flashmetering, so that you can use an external flash with SCA 356.

The price for a used 6002 set (the same set like SLX) is between 700,- and 900,- EUR.



The 6006 was built from 1983-1988 (since 1987 mod2).
It has changeable backs with darkslide (laminar rollo). The film speed is adjustable at the camera - not at the back.
The 6006 mod2 offers also multi-exposure without an external control.

A used 6006 set costs between 900,- and 1100,- EUR, a 6006 mod2 between 1000,- and 1200,- EUR.



Through the years, there are different versions of the 6008. First was the

6008 professional, 1988-1992:

It was the first camera with open aperture metering, when used with the new released PQ lenses. It has a handgrip on the right side, the motordrive makes 2 fps and the camera has integral-, spot- and multispotmeasuring. Also manual mode, aperture- and time priority and programmed AE are available (EV2).

Auto-bracketing with 3 frames is possible and the film speed adjust is now at the filmback.

In the finder are LEDs for the exposuretime, aperture and exposure correction in 1/3 stops.


6008 SRC 1000, 1992-199?:

The 6008 SRC 1000 can use the 1/1000 s of the PQS lenses. The "SRC" means Scan RemoteControl. It's possible to control digital backs with the 6008 SRC 1000.


6008E / integral, 199?-today:

The current model 6008 has the following improvements:

  • quieter
  • faster 2.5 fps motor drive
  • auto bracketing in manual mode
  • self-timer
  • "T" exposure
  • low light metering at ISO 100 extended from EV 3 to 0

You can also attach the MasterControl remote unit now, with the following benefits:

  • front and rear shutter flash sync
  • TTL, OTF digitalflash meter
  • quiet motor mode
  • up to 10 exposures on a frame in 1/10 s
  • ability to change auto bracketing from 2/3 stops to anything from 1/3 to 3 stops
  • instant exposure mode with picture taken within 2 ms of pressing the button
  • control of the point at which the shutter is fully is fully open in ms increments
  • ability to set programmed shutter speed from 1/500 to 15 s in 1/3 increments
  • longest shutter speed adjustable to 100 min.
  • programmable LED brightness of finder display
  • re-programmable self-timer switch to do one of 5 other functions instead of self-timer
  • 3 memory locations to re-program the camera instantly with one of 3 sets of the above functions

The price for a used 6008 is (depending on the model of 6008) between 1800,- and 3000,- EUR.



The 6003 is a 6008 without handgrip, without changeable darkslide back and with the normal, not so bright focussing screen.



The 6001 is designed for studio work. It has no light metering included, but a TTL flash metering system for studio flash.



This is a list of all lenses that I know about. There are also teleconverters, extension rings, an automatic bellows and a shutter mount for enlarger lenses.

Lens Komment Price, used Price PQ, used
Zeiss Fisheye
Available only in PQ --- ? EUR
Schneider Super-Angulon
has floating elements ? EUR ? EUR
Zeiss Distagon
4.0/40mm (floating)
with or without floating elements ca. 1200 EUR ca. 2000 EUR
Schneider Super-Angulon
- ? EUR ? EUR
Zeiss Distagon
Rollei filter bayonet VI ca. 700 EUR ca. 1500 EUR
filter thread, 67mm ca. 500 EUR ---
Schneider Super-Angulon
4.5/55mm TS
tilt and shift,
15mm shift
1800 EUR 2500 EUR
Zeiss Distagon
Rollei filter bayonet VI ? EUR ? EUR
Schneider Xenotar
not for SLX ? EUR ? EUR
Zeiss Planar
Rollei filter bayonet VI ca. 450 EUR ca. 900 EUR
filter thread, 67mm ca. 250 EUR ---
Schneider Apo-Symmar
4.0/90mm Macro
Macro, not for SLX ? EUR ? EUR
Zeiss Makro Planar
Macro, only without PQ 600 EUR ---
Zeiss Makro Planar
only with PQ --- ? EUR
Schneider Apo-Symmar
4.6/120mm Makro
only for bellows ? EUR ? EUR
Zeiss Sonnar
Rollei filter bayonet VI ca. 700 EUR ca. 1200 EUR
filter thread, 67mm ca. 500 EUR ---
Schneider Xenar
- ? EUR 2000 EUR
Zeiss Sonnar
Rollei filter bayonet VI 900 EUR 1900 EUR
Schneider Xenar
- ? EUR ? EUR
Zeiss Sonnar
- 900 EUR ? EUR
? ? EUR ? EUR
? ? EUR ? EUR